A new life for abandoned village in rural Spain sold in its entirety for €100,000 

AFTER just three months on the market and a surge of interest from across Spain, an abandoned village in rural Segovia has been snapped up for €100,000.

The town of Matandrino just one hour’s drive from Madrid lies within close proximity to tourist hotspots such as Sepulveda and Pedraza.

But since falling into neglect decades after the last inhabitant, Gregoria moved to the bigger town of Pradena, 3km away, in 1963, the properties in the town are little more than ruins.

Segovian Village
Matandrino is just one hour’s drive from Madrid. Photo: Idealista

However, a property developer has big plans to a rural tourism complex after buying up the 

5,000 m2 of property distributed over nine houses.

“It’s a perfect area to erect a rural tourism complex,” said  SegoDomus Gestiones which brokered the sale, claiming it went  ‘for less money than many apartments in Madrid’.

State Segovian Village
According to the selling company, the town costs less money than many apartments in Madrid. Photo: Idealista

The depopulation of villages in Spain has been increasing during the last decades but after the pandemic many have decided to return to the countryside. 

Thanks to the newfound ease of working from home,  the prices of rural properties in Spain has seen a recent surge.


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