A quarter of all Brits in Spain with TIE cards live in Alicante: And a third of the total are over 65

A QUARTER of all British TIE card holders in Spain are registered in the province of Alicante. 

In further unsurprising news, a third of all the 208,000 Brits with TIE cards fall into the over 65 age bracket.

This is according to a new report in Brits in Spain by the Ministry for Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration.

The report also raises concerns as approximately 211,000 Britons and their family members, who were previously registered as EU citizens, have yet to make the transition from the green paper certificate to the coveted TIE.

The TIE card is the golden ticket for British expats in Spain, granting them access to the majority of rights enjoyed by EU citizens.

However, post-Brexit these rights are no longer customarily permitted to the majority of Brits, who are citizens for ‘third countries’ no different to, for instance, Americans or Japanese.

Only Brits who can prove they were legal residents in Spain before January 1, 2021 – and have been so continuously – are eligible for a TIE card.


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