Alleged child murderer transferred to prison in Segovia for his own safety

The suspect has remained distant and withdrawn since his arrest and does not communicate with prison officials or other inmates.

A MAN arrested over the murder of a 9-year-old child in Lardero, La Rioja, last week is being transferred to another prison in Segovia tonight, Wednesday, November 3, after receiving multiple deaths threats from inmates in the Logroño jail where he was being detained. The suspect, Francisco Javier Almeida, has apparently been counting the hours in the Logroño jail, where he was admitted last Sunday morning, October 31, for the alleged murder of a 9-year-old boy.

Almeida’s transfer to another prison is imminent, according to prison sources, who have indicated that the inmate will be sent to Torredondo in Segovia. The Torredondo penitentiary is a smaller institution that allows tighter security measures for inmates like Almeida, who are under constant threat of violent attacks from other inmates. The transfer was approved today and is scheduled to take place within the next few hours.

News of Almeida’s arrest on Thursday, October, 28, spread quickly on social media and tensions rose as the Guardia Civil- together with local police- prepared to transfer the detainee from a garage under the apartment block to the police station. Problems arose after about 200 locals gathered to vent their anger over the murder of the young boy. Members of the local community shouted “lynch him” as the patrol car sped out of the complex while taking the suspect into custody.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the suspect had served a prison sentence in 1998 after being convicted for another murder in Logroño.


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