Apartment block hit five times by robbers taking art objects in Spain’s Valencia

TWO men targeted a Gandia apartment block in Valencia province five times to steal a variety of art-related objects valued at €150,000.

The thieves, 35 and 40 and of Cuban and Dominican nationalities, used a ladder to access floors and a cutting tool to force open front doors.

A third man received the stolen goods but a large amount of the items have been recovered with some of them being sent to Finland.

In one of the robberies, the home owner surprised the thieves on the stairs after calling the police.

The men asked her not to be scared and ran off as the Policia Nacional arrived.

The robbers forced a roof door to get on top of the complex and ran onto an adjacent roof to avoid being caught.

Investigators nevertheless identified them and visited two homes and a storage area where they found the duo and many of the stolen goods.

The men have been charged on five counts of robbery with force and home invasion, and had existing criminal records.

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