Bans from the Balearics for boozed-up Brits: Proposed new ‘responsible tourism law’ to introduce even stiffer penalties for badly behaved tourists

AFTER a summer of excesses, the Balearic government is set to revamp its tourism laws which could see bans from the islands for unruly individuals.

Jaume Bauza, the Head of Tourism for the islands, has hinted that boozy visitors who break the anti-social behaviour rules could find themselves on a blacklist.

Deportations could be accompanied by bans from returning for a specific duration as part of a broader package of stricter measures against antisocial visitors. 

Currently, tourists violating the rules can already face expulsion from their hotels, especially those involved in activities such as ‘balconing’.

The British consulate has said it will collaborate on a campaign targeting young people up to 25 years old visiting the islands.

It will aim to warn them against unruly conduct and educate them on the legal consequences in cases of group sexual assaults. 

The resort areas, including Magaluf, have faced serious challenges this summer, with reports of alleged sexual assaults involving foreign tourists, including gang rapes. 

Such incidents have hindered ongoing efforts to improve the international image of resorts like Magaluf. 

Certain individuals have faced restraining orders in the past, barring them from entering Magaluf, and the potential measures to declare certain individuals as ‘personas non grata’ are not entirely new to the area.

Because of this bad publilcity, the new right-wing government of the Balearic Islands is keen to rebrand the old 2020 ‘drunken tourism decree’ as the new ‘responsible tourism decree’.

They also plan to broaden the decree’s scope to include all streets in specific resorts, meaning measures against offenders could be enforced across the four Balearic Islands.

The current decree, which allows for fines of up to €600,000 for the worst offences, applies to specific areas within the municipalities of Calvia, Palma, Llucmajor, and Sant Antoni.


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