Barack and Michelle Obama are expected to jet into Spain this weekend for an exclusive party in Mallorca

FORMER US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are expected to fly into Mallorca this weekend to attend a party.

The event is being staged on a private estate in the middle of island with around 100 people invited.

The host of the exclusive summer party is said to be an American friend of the Obamas and security staff will be brought in from the United States.


THE OBAMAS IN 2022(Cordon Press image)

The attendees- said to be a mixture of Mallorcans, people from mainland Spain, and non-Spaniards- will be able to enjoy some top Mediterranean quality cuisine along with live entertainment.

Ex-first lady Michelle Obama is no stranger to Mallorca, as she is close friends with the former US ambassador to Spain, James Costos and his husband, the renowned interior designer, Michael Smith, who have a home on the island.

Her first visit was in August 2017 when she stayed at the Ses Planes estate, and she returned the following year.

The estate owned by Marieta Salas, ex-wife of Zourab Tchokotua, Georgian prince and close friend of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, which she rented to the Costos-Smith couple.

Michelle Obama was spotted on the island last September when she was a guest of Costos and Smith.

She was seen having lunch at a well-known restaurant in Puerto Portals.

There was an extensive deployment of security staff wearing bulletproof vests but their presence was described as ‘discreet’.

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