BLOWTORCH BANDIT: Thief storms Costa del Sol hotel and puts receptionist to the flame

A DERANGED robber left a receptionist with burns to their chin and chest in a brazen raid on a hotel that netted him just €50.

The incident occurred in the early hours of August 5th, when the assailant entered the hotel in Fuengirola brandishing a lit blow torch with the flame set to max. 

He then approached the reception desk and demanded the day’s takings, threatening to put them to the flame if they did not comply.

When the hotel employee heroically refused the assailant’s demands, a struggle ensued, resulting in the receptionist suffering minor burns from the blow torch.

The attacker also kicked and punched the receptionist, who had to seek medical attention for their injuries.

Despite only managing to grab a meagre €50, the attacker fled the scene.

An investigation, led by the Robbery Unit of the Fuengirola Police Station, successfully tracked down and arrested the alleged blowtorch bandit three days later. 

Evidence linking him to the other seven burglaries in the area has also come to light. 


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