Border guards find 90 kilos of cocaine with ‘Scarface’ pictures smugglers tried to take INTO Morocco from Spain’s Andalucia

POLICE have found 90 kilos of cocaine hidden inside a car smugglers tried to take into Morocco at a ferry port in Spain’s Andalucia.

The find surprised the guards that are normally used to seizing illegal drugs coming from Morocco and not the other way around.

Border guards first got suspicious after seeing the poor state of the back of the car boarding the ferry on its way to Tangier on November 4.

They separated the car from the other vehicles and started to check the insides of the vehicle.

After unveiling secret compartments in both the boot and under the seats, they found the slabs of cocaine stored inside.

In a strange twist, each slab of coke was decorated with a picture of Al Pacino’s classic ‘Scarface’ film where he plays a violent and paranoid drug baron.

Guardia Civil officers arrested the Moroccan driver and passenger of the vehicle at Tarifa port, and later confirmed the pair had legal residence in Spain.

The fact that the drug was on its way to Morocco led analysts to believe that there was a growing demand for cocaine in North Africa.


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