Boy, 12, is filmed being knocked out by a grown man for ‘making noise’ while playing on Spain’s Costa del Sol – but attacker somehow avoids arrest

A BOY of 12 has been knocked out by his 38-year-old neighbour for ‘making noise’ while playing football with friends. 

Iker was playing with three pals in his Estepona urbanisation when the man punched him in the face, knocking the young boy out. 

The middle aged neighbour reportedly shouted ‘I’m going to kill you’ and ‘What, do you think you’re the coolest kid in town?’ before attacking the Real Madrid fan. 

The incident occurred Friday, November 10, around 6pm, a time when the boys often liked to play. It was not the first time the neighbour had asked Iker to be quiet. 

The boy’s mother told Diario Sur: “He was used to shouting at the boys and them all running away.” 

She told her son he had a right to play but did not have to speak to the man. 

Before the attack, Iker asked his friend to film the aggressor. 

In a video shared online, the man can be seen approaching the boy before he launches a punch and hits his left cheek. 

The force of the blow pushes the boy backwards as he falls, unconscious, against the wall where his friends were leaning. 

Police and ambulance crews arrived soon after and the boy regained consciousness after a few minutes. 

The aggressor swiftly left the scene and Iker’s mother filed an official police report into the incident.

The neighbour has not been arrested as police sources say the injuries were not serious enough. 

Now, Iker’s mother is ‘more scared than ever’ and says she doesn’t understand why the man was not arrested. 

The boy has been unable to attend school for multiple days as a result of his injuries and had to return to urgent care on Sunday, November 12, after feeling nauseous and dizzy. 

The football fan has also been left with significant mental trauma. According to Diario Sur, he thinks he sees his attacker on every corner. 

He also suffers from bad dreams and nervousness, believing the man could climb through his bedroom window to continue the attack. 

His symptoms are so severe he has been prescribed valerian and diazepam to combat his anxiety. 


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