BREAKING NEWS: Bodies found floating off Spain’s Mallorca are of German father, 50, and son, 19, who vanished while sailing last month 

Spain’s Guardia Civil have confirmed to the Olive Press that two bodies recovered off the Manacor coast earlier this month belong to the German father and son who disappeared during a storm while sailing in late August.

A 50-year-old German and his son, 19, went missing while sailing a vessel named the Makan Angin between Menorca and Mallorca on August 27. 

Their bodies were spotted and recovered by Guardia Civil officers on the Manacor coast on September 4 and 5. 

DNA tests were carried out as the bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition and it was not possible to confirm it was them. 

However, a Guardia Civil spokesman told the Olive Press earlier this month they ‘suspected’ that the corpses found were the two missing Germans. 

“DNA tests are necessary as it was not possible to confirm it was them. The bodies were in an advanced decomposition state and this made their accurate identification impossible. At first, we were not even sure if one of the corpses was a man or a woman’s body,” the agent explained.

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