British expat, 36, arrested after widow of tragic doorman plunged to her death from fifth floor balcony as more details emerge

MYSTERY surrounds the death of an expat just months after her bouncer husband was killed in a restaurant brawl.

A British man, 36, was arrested after the Chilean widow of Jose Pisani was found dead at the foot of her apartment block in Calahonda.

Romina Acuna, 33, had been assaulted hours earlier and even went to hospital for her injuries.

However, police told the Olive Press she ‘did not press charges’.

“This happens all the time,” said a spokesman for the Guardia Civil in Malaga. “There was therefore nothing we could do.”

He added: “The case very much remains open, but it will be conducted in secret for the time being.”

The Brit – who we are not naming for legal reasons – was allegedly in an ‘on-off’ relationship with Acuna and was ‘known to police’ over previous domestic violence allegations.

Police sources also confirmed they are not discounting the man, who has been released on bail, could be a friend of the British gangster accused of killing Pisani.

Police believe Harry S, 33, threw the deadly punch that ended Pisani’s life during a fight at star of British TV show TOWIE Elliot Wright’s Olivia La Cala restaurant in April. 

He is also accused of being part of a murder-for-hire squad which shot at a group of Irish gangsters.

The contract killers ambushed three Irishmen linked to notorious Dublin crime lord ‘Mr Flashy’ while they were fishing on Marbella’s Lago de las Tortugas in September last year.

Despite being labelled by police as ‘extremely violent’ and armed with ‘military grade weaponry’, the men escaped with minor injuries.

While five of the gang were remanded in custody awaiting trial, Harry S was inexplicably granted bail, even though he aimed a gun at police when they arrested him.

Just two months later on April 15 he was involved in the bar fight at swanky Olivia’s – owned by TOWIE’s Elliott Wright – which resulted in the death of Pisani.

His most recent arrest was on September 3 this year, when a routine police stop in Marbella found – yet again – a gun in his car.

It is not known if he was released on bail a third time.

Last night, her aunt Valeria Acuna, told the Olive Press, from Chile: “Thanks for your wishes.”

She added:  “We have suffered a huge loss with Romina. I only hope she finds the peace that she so needed…and Jose is waiting for her.”


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