British teens in Magaluf hotel rampage arrested for refusing to pay for damages – and even accused cops of looking for a bribe

A PAIR of brawling Brits who trashed their Magaluf hotel room were arrested after they refused to pay the damages – and even accused the police of soliciting a bribe.

The hotel’s reception urgently called the police around 10.30pm on September 9 to report the two 18-year-old guests who were staying in a fourth-floor room. 

Guardia Civil officers arrived at the hotel room and promptly separated the feuding youths.

It was then that they discovered the bloodspattered trail of destruction: two broken doors, shattered door frames strewn across the floor and a damaged lock.

The hotel’s night manager hit the pair with a €1,000 fine and the police did not initially arrest them, assuming they would pay the bill and that would be the end of the matter.

One of the youngsters made the call every parent loathes and asked his mum to transfer the cash to get them out of the hot water they were in.

However, when the money never arrived, tensions rose and the two boys accused the police of looking to pocket the money for themselves. 

The boys then declared that they would rather go to jail than pay the fine, and so they were arrested and taken to the police station.

Several hours later, the British teens were brought before a court and their passports were confiscated. 

Eventually, the money to pay the fine appeared and their passports were returned to them. 

With their legal troubles behind them, the duo bid farewell to Mallorca.


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