Brits prove vital for Ibiza’s economy after accounting for 25% of foreign tourists this year

A QUARTER of Ibiza’s tourists were Brits this year, with 800,000 visiting the island. 

In 2023, many Brits chose Ibiza as their holiday destination and splashed the cash accordingly, spending a massive €924,85 million.  

This accounts for 24% of all tourist spending on the island. 

Although 50,000 more Spaniards visited Ibiza, their spending was much lower, accounting for only 16% of tourism profits. 

On average, Brits spent €1144 everyday during their Ibiza getaway, around €206 per person. 

Meanwhile, Spaniards only spent €723 a day, around €126 per person. 

According to the Tourism Spending Survey (Egatur), 3.3 million tourists have visited Ibiza between January and September this year. 

While the number of Brits holidaying on the island have soared, accounting for 24.34% of visitors, tourists from other European destinations have fallen. 

Around 5% less French travellers chose Ibiza as their holiday destination, around 176,134 people. 

German visitors also dipped, with 7,000 less people coming to the islands, a 2.7% drop compared to last year. 

Holland and Belgium tell a similar story, with 339,014 visitors, 2% less than in 2022. 

Meanwhile, the number of British visitors rose by 7.8% compensating for the lack of other European tourists. 


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