Capital of Spain’s Costa del Sol rules out cutting water for showers on beaches—despite drought concerns

THE beaches of Malaga City will continue to provide water for beach showers.

Three localities on the coast of the Costa del Sol Axarquia have already taken the initiative to ban beach showers in order to save water due to the ongoing drought conditions.

However, though this initiative is expected to spread to other parts of Spain, according to the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, the measure will not be applied, for the time being, in Malaga City.

“For the time being, the water will continue to run in the showers on Malaga’s beaches according to the needs of residents and visitors.” de la Torre said.

“We have sufficient reserves not to have to apply supply control measures,” he added.

Citizen responsibility is, of course, fundamental.

“It is enough to shower once instead of five times on the beach.” de la Torre concluded.

According to the Mayor of Malaga, the city has a larger water reserve in the Guadalhorce and is in fact also providing water to Rincon de la Victoria, to alleviate the complicated situation due low water reserves in that area.

Rincon de la Victoria, together with Velez-Malaga and Algarrobo are currently the three municipalities in Spain’s Malaga to cut off water supply to beach showers due to the severe drought conditions in the area.


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