Cocaine home delivery service operated out of Costa Blanca bar kitchen in Spain

A drugs gang who ran a cocaine home delivery service has been smashed by the Guardia Civil in Torrevieja.

The main sales point of the operation was a Torrevieja bar where drugs were kept in tupperware placed in a kitchen microwave.

Other supplies were kept at homes belonging to gang members.

Seven people have been arrested by the Guardia Civil over the plot.

Seized Items

A citizen complained about suspicious activities at an unnamed bar and that drugs were also being sold in a nearby children’s park.

Investigators uncovered two brothers as heading the criminal enterprise.

One of them was a taxi driver and the other was a bricklayer who also managed the Torrevieja bar.

Guardia officers observed cars parking up for a short time outside the premises with customers quickly moving on after popping in to buy drugs.

A fleet of vehicles, including a taxi, were followed as the gang went to client homes with personal deliveries of cocaine packets.

A search of the bar kitchen revealed 68 pre-packed pouches of cocaine in tupperware concealed in the microwave.

Four gang members, including the two brothers, were jailed, with three others bailed.


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