Costa Blanca police officers in Spain jump into freezing river to save naked man

TWO police officers went into a freezing Orihuela area river to rescue a naked man who jumped into the water.

The incident happened at 1.30 am this Tuesday with outdoor temperatures around five degrees.

A passing Orihuela Policia Local patrol saw what happened and went into the Segura river to save the man.

He was suffering with mental health issues and believed he was being attacked by person or persons unknown.

Officers warmed him up on dry land ahead of the arrival of a medical team.

An Orihuela Policia Local social media posting said: “Our obligation is to protect and we know first-hand what this type of disorder consists of and the danger it entails.”

“We must be aware that a person with a disorder can lead the same life as anybody else but they all just need a little more support from everybody else “


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