Countdown to Spain’s Malaga August feria after two year hiatus

WITH less than 20 days to go, Malaga prepares for its first post-covid August feria.

The Malaga Fair returns after a two year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic with a buzz of activity taking place on the fairground site to ensure that the ‘casetas’ are ready on time.

In fact, the Federacion Malagueña de Peñas began with the refurbishment of the fairground booths 20 days ago, with this year seeing an increase in ‘casetas’ set up in the Cortijo de Torres, where the night fair is held.

“We have been preparing things in the Cortijo de Torres for 20 days now, both the Federation’s stand and those of the other 45 organisations”, said Manuel Curtido, president of the Federacion Malagueña de Peñas.

“We are experts in setting up stands and we are on time, the deadlines are being met and every day we do something different. Everyone does a little bit: one sweeps, another puts up lights… but the timescales are perfectly controlled. The feria will kick-off with a firework display and the booths will be ready for everyone to start drinking, dancing and singing.” Curtido added.

As to whether any kind of restriction against Covid-19 will be put in place, the president of the Federación Malagueña de Peñas has clarified that ‘the measures that the Junta together with the Health Department dictate is what will be put in place’.

The fair of Malaga is celebrated every year to commemorate the taking of the city by the Catholic Monarchs that took place on August 19, 1487, thus incorporating Malaga to the Crown of Castile.

In 2019 it was estimated that 6.3 million people participated in the fair.


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