Crackdown on neo-nazi group across Spain: Hitler-loving organisation which started in the UK has spread to Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and beyond

SPANISH police have started an operation to arrest members of a neo nazi group with UK roots. 

The Policia Nacional (National Police) were deployed in Malaga during the early hours of this morning, October 17, to capture members of a neo nazi criminal organisation. 

The effort was part of a national operation also taking place in Madrid, Catalonia, Lugo and Toledo. 

An investigation has been launched throughout Spain Photo: Mossos d’Esquadra/X

The operation was carried out at 6am this morning in a joint effort by the Policia Nacional and Catalonia’s Mossos d’Esquadra (Police squad). 

As the investigation is still underway, little information is available on the scale of the arrests. 

However, Mossos d’Esquadra sources told EuropaPress, that the operation is concentrated in Catalonia with six municipalities affected. 

Forces were pursuing members of Combat 18, a neo nazi criminal group associated with national socialism and white supremacy. 

The group began in England in 1992 and spread across Europe, eventually becoming banned in Germany. 

Combat 18 takes its name from the first and eighth letter of the alphabet, which correspond to the initials AH, for Adolf Hitler. 

Since its creation the group has called members to exercise violence against immigrants, ethnic minorities, the political left and the LGBT community. 

Their logo is a skull and crossbones inspired by the third division of the SS. 


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