Do you use a car phone mount while driving in Spain? You could receive a fine from police

DRIVERS who use car phone mounts have been warned they could receive fines from Spanish traffic cops. 

If your device blocks your vision from behind the wheel, you could be breaking the law under new rules brought in this year. 

According to the Director-General for Traffic, Pere Navarro, using a phone mount can be an ‘infraction against road safety’ if obstructing or distracting the driver’s view. 

However, they stressed that phone mounts can be used if they are placed properly, i.e. out of your direct line of vision. 

The Spanish government recommends that drivers use magnets, clamps or attach their devices to their windshield. 

Any use of ‘handheld mobile devices while driving’ carries a hefty fine, as does using a phone that is mounted incorrectly.

The Director-General advises: “If you need to use your cell phone, stop at a suitable place, carry out the operations you need with your cell phone, and then resume driving.”

In 2021, the punishment for using a device while driving was increased to €200 and six licence points.  

The fine still applies if you use your device while stopped at a red traffic light.


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