Drunk Irish mother arrested for abandoning young child in Spain’s Mallorca

A 45-YEAR-OLD Irish tourist has been arrested for going on all-day drinking sprees at her Manacor hotel and leaving other guests to look after her daughter, 5.

The Policia Nacional said the mother has been charged with child abandonment

After arriving for her holiday, the woman met some other guests who had a child around her daughter’s age and started drinking beer non-stop leading her to a constant state of intoxication.

From the time she got up in the morning through to the bedtime, the mother ignored her daughter completely as she guzzled beer and left other people to look after her.

The guests fed the child, put on sunscreen, watched her in the pool, and and even bought her swimming safety gear.

Hotel staff eventually refused to serve the girl’s mother any more alcohol, but she simply went to a shop to buy more beer to consume on the premises.

Guests reported the woman’s abandonment of her child to hotel workers who called in the police.

They initially could not get the Irish tourist to open her bedroom door because she was so drunk.

When she did oblige, officers saw her barely able to stand due to her state of intoxication, despite denying being drunk with a strong stench of alcohol wafting across the room.

The woman was arrested while her daughter was taken to a reception centre until her father could fly from Ireland the next day to look after his child.


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