€5 million energy efficient street light project starting soon in Spain’s Mar Menor area

A €5 MILLION renovation of street lighting will take place in San Javier with old lights replaced by energy efficient LED bulbs.

San Javier council has awarded contracts to a company to do the work around San Javier itself and Santiago de la Rivera.

A separate firm will cover the section of La Manga that is in the municipality with work expected to start soon.

Around 2,745 units will be replaced along with associated work on wiring, columns, supports, and command centres.

The project aims to improve efficiency, increase energy and economic savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce light glare and limit light pollution in the area.

San Javier council plans to enforce sustainable lighting rules with specifications that LED bulbs do not emit light towards the sky and other unwanted areas to minimise unwanted intrusion into homes and natural spaces.

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