Easyjet flight from Spain to London is grounded after passenger defecates on the toilet floor

A FLIGHT from Tenerife to London was cancelled just moments before take off after a passenger ‘defecated’ on the toilet floor. 

Passengers were left stranded after waiting 3.5 hours on the flight, which was eventually cancelled by easyJet. 

Viral videos show the plane’s walkway littered with toilet roll and the pilot can be heard saying: “Someone thought it was rather entertaining to defecate in the front toilet so we’re now staying the night here, we’re now going to get everyone off… and organise hotels then we’ll fly back tomorrow morning”

Flight EZY8054 was due to depart on Sunday, October 15 at 20:05, arriving in the UK at 00:20 on Monday. 

Despite the pilots’ promise, customers were left to organise their own last minute accommodation after easyJet failed to find hotels. 

Passengers eventually boarded their flight home at 3pm the next day. 

According to passengers, the delays caused ‘chaos’, with customers moved to a smaller plane where they were offered £500 vouchers to voluntarily miss the flight. 

No one reportedly took the offer and ten people were removed from the flight after an arduous two hour delay. 

Still, the plane could not take off as it was over weight limits. Passengers’ bags were subsequently moved to random Gatwick flights before the toilet incident caused the chaotic flight to be cancelled altogether. 

Outraged customers took to social media platform X to voice their complaints, with one customer saying: “Real good of @easyJet to delay the flight 3.5 hours with 0 communication then decide to cancel it altogether because someone took a s*** on the toilet floor. Quite literally couldn’t make this s*** up.”


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