ELECTION 2023: GSLP/Liberals want to upgrade more school buildings and give mental health support to teachers

THE GSLP/Liberal coalition has vowed to continue its ‘education revolution’ in Gibraltar by giving St Joseph’s School a facelift if they are elected into government on October 12.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said he would follow on from his £160 million investment into ten new school buildings with a refurbishment of the colonial era south district premises.

He also committed to a new college of further education and Hebrew School as well as an extension to St Martin’s School.

Picardo said his coalition’s progress on schooling came off the back of a poor track record from the GSD.

“In education for 12 years e have to live with more than any government in our history,” he said.

“Schools in Gibraltar well in no fit state for the 21st century, certainly not the schools of the economy that was the third highest GDP per capita,” he said.

“The comprehensive school the boys comprehensive school was 50 years old, – not fit for purpose.

“St. Bernard school was worse than Victorian. That is the GSD legacy.”

Caretaker Minister for Education John Cortes echoed his enthusiasm, saying how he remembered seeing that ‘the schools were falling to bits’ when he first came to office in 2011.

Ten new schools later, they said that the style of education has also changed.

“They’re now taught in a way that focuses on them on their specific needs, on how they improve the way they are without the need to compete with others. “And every child has the kind of attention that every child deserves.”

Cortes pointed out that there are now 400 teachers as opposed to 300, an increase in the staff

He said they introduced school counsellors and was ‘commited to increase the number’ adding that teachers also deserved support.

“Teachers have to carry on performing day to day regardless of what’s going on in their life, and it’s critical that they should have mental health support,” Cortes said.

Picardo concluded that his coalition was the only one that could continue the education revolution because it is the one that started it.

“All of those things which were no more than dreams under previous administrations have become a reality under the GSLP/Liberals,” he said.


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