ELECTIONS: Gibraltar ex-minister accuses GSD man of being ‘more aligned with Vox’ on LGBTQ rights

ACTING Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said ‘there is a serious risk of rollback’ of the rights Gibraltar has won over the last 12 years if the GSD won the October 12 election.

The Rock’s leader over the last 12 years also announced plans for a new government-funded centre for the disabled beside Commonwealth Park at a GSLP/Liberal press conference Monday.

Party candidate Christian Santos – who would take over the post of Minister of Equality from Samantha Sacramento if voted in – said he would bring ‘new energy and ideas’ to the role.

“It is very clear that the vision of the GSLP/Liberals is one of diversity inclusivity and integration for all,” Santos said.

“That’s the reason why I can live the life that I live today.”

But Sacramento, who left frontline politics after 12 years in office, criticised the rival GSD party.

While Keith Azopardi has assured that he will not roll back those LGBTQ+ liberties introduced by the GSLP/Liberals as Chief Minister, other members of his party were not so clearcut about their views.

“This year I referred to Damon Bossino and his view on particular aspects of equality more aligned to Vox,” Sacramento said.

“In particular, what he said about gay rights, for me is more appropriate to have been heard in a place like Uganda where being gay has become a criminal offence.

“That’s not where we want to be in Gibraltar.”

In contrast, Picardo pointed out how Santos had been mayor ‘in an inclusive way’ and how he would be the ideal person to take over the equality ministry.

The influential actor and director spent the last decade developing the Gibraltar Academy for Music and the Performing Arts before taking over as mayor in 2021.

“We’re looking at having a holistic approach to give young people a strategy to become more involved in our community in different ways,” Santos said.

“We need to form a strategy so that all government ministries work together in a holistic approach to be able to give young people opportunities.”

He also vowed to work on more support and accessibility for people with disabilities if voted in on October 12.


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