Enraged nightclub bouncer beats up and stabs ‘annoying’ customer on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN Alicante nightclub bouncer has been arrested for causing serious injury to an ‘annoying’ customer in the port area of the city.

The Policia Nacional discovered an array of illegal weapons on the 31-year-old doorman at the undisclosed night venue.

They included a butterfly knife and a knuckle duster.

Police detained the bouncer after a passing patrol saw two men running down a nearby street, one of them covered in blood.

The victim said he had been attacked by the doorman who stabbed him with a knife.

The injured man was allegedly disturbing the evening for venue customers with the bouncer being called in to eject him.

The employee grabbed the customer by the neck and removed him from the premises in a semi-conscious state.

He quickly came around outside and lunged at the bouncer, who responded with a series of punches and knife stabbings.

Medics confirmed bruises and stab wounds suffered by the customer which required stitches to the head, chin, and right knee.


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