Erotic tapas tour offering ‘sensual’ snacks returns to Fuengirola

Nearly 50 tapas bars will participate in an ‘erotic’ tapas tour of Fuengirola.

Starting on February 24, participating restaurants and tapas bars will offer a drink and a specially prepared ‘sensual¡ tapa for 3.50 euros. 

The initiative usually runs in November, but will happen this month in a bid to support the hotel and catering sector amid the low tourism season. 

Fuengirola councillor for tourism Rodrigo Romero said the event celebrates its 13th year in 2023. 

“What began as an event to publicise the quality and enormous gastronomic variety on offer in Fuengirola has now established itself as one of the most anticipated and essential events in the town,” he said. 

People can scan a QR code on promotional posters around Fuengirola, where they will then receive an email with the list of participating restaurants and bars. 

They will also be entered into a draw with prizes ranging from a smart television to tablets and mobile phones.

The erotic tapas tour will end on March 12. 


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