EU Property Solutions NEW No Win No Fee Initiative to Resolve Spanish Property Issues

Are you struggling with a Spanish property debt issue and are unsure of the options available to you? Let EU Property Solutions help you…free of charge. *

EU Property Solutions are the UK’s leading foreign property debt specialists. Their team includes specialists from a variety of backgrounds including property, law, banking, and finance.

What is their process?

EU Property Solutions provide assistance with surrendering negative equity properties, negotiating mortgage arrears, assisting with interest-only mortgages, and everything else foreign property-related. EU Property Solutions are one of the very few companies that specialise in this niche area. They have a strong professional network, expertise, and client-focused approach. They are UK-based with offices in Leeds, Belfast, and Spain, and have many happy clients who will testify to their good work and name. Click here to see their website for yourself.

Over the years, they have worked tirelessly to provide effective solutions for their clients ensuring that their financial burdens are alleviated, and peace of mind is restored. No matter the issue, their clients are always at the heart of what they do. EU Property Solutions prides itself on securing the best deals with the toughest lenders and always getting the outcome that you desire.

NEW No Win No Fee Initiative*

EU Property Solutions know that there are still thousands of people who purchased property in Europe pre-2008 who are now burdened with:

  • Unaffordable mortgage repayments,
  • Negative Equity issues whereby they cannot sell their property,
  • Interest-only periods coming to the end of their term, and
  • Foreign mortgages being sold on to Vulture Funds.

EU Property Solutions understand that financial constraints can be a significant hurdle when seeking professional assistance, and they have listened to some of your concerns as they know many people were mis-sold in the past.

Therefore, EU Property Solutions are excited to announce their new NO WIN NO FEE initiative. This is being introduced to make their services more accessible and affordable for people who are seeking solutions to put an end to their foreign property mortgage misery. You will no longer be required to provide a retainer payment to appoint their services. Instead, they will now align their fees with your success. You will only pay for their services if they successfully resolve your foreign property issues.

Their in-house specialists, alongside their Spanish Legal teams, are dedicated to providing a high-quality service whilst also offering you the peace of mind that comes with a NO WIN NO FEE payment arrangement.

Get in touch today with our specialist team, please call 0330 124 1230.

In the meantime, we highly recommend that you visit their website and that of their UK sister company, Bell & Company.

*Subject To Conditions

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