Expat in Spain ‘hires several hitmen to kill her ex-partner to collect €100k life insurance’

A CASTELLON woman hired two groups of hitmen to kill her ex-partner so that she could pocket a €100,000 life insurance pay-out.

The middle-aged Peruvian national was left disappointed by the contract being unfilled on both occasions and has been arrested by the Policia Nacional.

After an acrimonious break-up of their relationship, the woman wanted to take out revenge on her former partner- a Spanish national.

She contacted a group of Madrid-based hitmen for a two-stage operation which saw her pay an undisclosed sum to burn her ex-partner’s car to scare him, and then to kill him in a beating.

Despite getting the cash, only the vehicle was incinerated as the criminals lied to her about assaulting the man.

When the woman heard that her ex-boyfriend was in perfect health, she realised she had been conned and got in touch with another gang where she allegedly offered €40,000 to get the job done.

Once again the assignment was not carried out, as one of the hitmen was hit by a pang of conscience and went to see the intended victim to tell him about the macabre plan that his jilted ex had cooked up.

The man reported her to the police and she was imprisoned by a court.

One of the men involved in burning his car, an 18-year-old Moroccan, has also been arrested and jailed.


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