Father of daughters slain in ‘honour killings’ is arrested in Spain’s Barcelona area

A Barcelona area man suspected of being involved in the ‘honour killing’ of his two daughters when they were visiting Pakistan, has been arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The man was detained last Thursday in Terrassa but news of his arrest only became public six days later.

He is under investigation for his possible involvement in the murders of his daughters, Urooj Abbas, 21, and Anisa Abbas, 23.

They were killed last year in Pakistan for refusing to help their husbands come to Spain after the women had been forced to marry two of their cousins.

The sisters were severely tortured and shot dead on May 20 in the Gujrat district of Punjab province.

They had spent several years in Spain but were ‘forced’ into the marriages in 2021.

They travelled to Pakistan the following year after being told their mother had fallen ill there, but it was a ruse to get them over.

The women said no to helping their husbands emigrate to Spain with them, and had filed for divorces instead, especially as they lived with other partners in the Barcelona area.

Pakistani police arrested six men for their alleged involvement in the killings.

Officials said that that the victims’ brother, a paternal uncle, both husbands, a cousin, and both fathers-in-law had all been charged with murder.


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