Five historic buildings in Spain’s Andalucia added to Red List for ‘risk of disappearance’

FIVE historic buildings in Andalucia have just been added to the Red List compiled by the association Hispania Nostra.

The Red List is an initiative of Hispania Nostra Association born in November 2007 with the aim of publicising and protecting the Spanish cultural and natural heritage that is abandoned or in danger of disappearing.

This list—which includes nearly 1,100 Spanish monuments that are at risk of disappearance—has recently seen the inclusion of an additional five historic buildings found in Spain’s most southern region.

The buildings in question are the following: The Corralon de las Dos Puertas and the Huerta de Godino Waterwheel in Malaga, the ore unloader of the Bedar-Garrucha mining railway (Mojacar, Almeria), the Castillo de Aznalmara (Benaocaz, Cadiz) and the Casa del Tinte (Baza, Granada).

All of which have historical value yet, according to the association, are unfortunately in a critical state of abandonment and ruin, with zero maintenance.

The criteria for inclusion on the Red List are based on the historical and architectural importance of the heritage element concerned.

The association also complies a Green List, which includes properties that have been removed from the Red List because the risk they presented no longer exists, as well as a Black List, which includes all properties that have been removed from the Red List because their essential values have disappeared or have been irreversibly altered.


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