Fly-tippers dump fridges and electrical gear which threatens endangered duck on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ECOLOGISTS have complained to Elche City Council about an illegal waste dump off the CV-861 in the Hondo Natural Park.

Accio Ecologista-Agro has sent a file of photographs featuring a mix of construction material, electrical goods and large bulky waste that have been fly-tipped and which they say poses a threat to the local wetlands.

The group wants authorities like Elche to clear up the mess and to ensure that there’s no repeat.

“The situation that is being experienced in El Hondo is unfortunately being repeated throughout the natural spaces of our territory due to a lack of social awareness about the need to reduce waste and to manage it correctly,” said Accio Ecologista-Agro.

Of greatest concern is the dumping of electrical equipment like fridges that have components that could have a negative environmental and public health impact.


“We cannot allow the wetland, which includes lagoons, cultivation areas and is home to numerous endangered species such as the marbled teal- the most endangered duck in Europe- to be threatened by contamination of its water or soil,” the ecologists continued.

“That is why we have contacted Elche City Council, to tell them what’s happened and to ask for the cleaning up of this black spot,” they added.

Accio Ecologista-Agro also wants an awareness campaign around the park involving different municipalities to stop dangerous behaviour like fly-tipping and to promote greater citizen awareness over the issue.

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