Forbes lists Spain’s Malaga as World’s Best Alternative Capital City

THE prestigious magazine Forbes, well known for its lists and rankings, has chosen Malaga as the best city in the world as an alternative to the big capitals.

Often capital cities eclipse other cities a country has to offer, given that each capital city is usually the country’s ‘Queen’ city due to their political and geographical location.

Furthermore, it’s a country’s capital city that often gets the most column inches in the travel press and media.

Sometimes, however, it’s other less-influential cities which best showcase the culture and magic of the country’s people and history.

According to a study, in which 420 cities from 89 different countries were taken into account, Malaga has topped the list as the most outstanding city in the world, ahead of Barcelona.

Forbes highlighs Malaga’s ‘gorgeous beaches’ and the city’s free attractions like La Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle which are ‘attracting people from far away.’

The magazine encourages all to visit ‘the birthplace of Picasso and home to the Picasso Museum’ stating: “visit for yourself and you’ll soon see why the world’s eyes are turning to this stunning corner of Andalucia.”

The article, entitled Explore This Map Of The World’s Best Alternative Capital Cities, puts Malaga above other major European and world cities such as Lyon (France), Split (Croatia), Casablanca (Morocco), Munich (Germany), Osaka (Japan) and Vancouver (Canada).


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