Fraudster lies about advance payment to enjoy free stays in hotels on Spain’s Mallorca

A conman duped three Palma hotels out of over €3,000 by falsely claiming he’d paid beforehand.

The fraudster used online reservation sites and produced fake documents to hotel receptionists to prove he had paid his bills in advance.

His deception included taking on the guises of an air traffic controller or an insurance company employee.

The Policia Nacional said he swindled the hotels ‘several times’ since December, and they had received two formal complaints.

Their inquiries then uncovered a third establishment that he had scammed with the same trick.

Once a hotel verified- often a few days into his stay- that he had not paid them, he provided credit card details which were declined.

That was the cue for him to disappear and he would even leave some of his luggage behind in his bedroom.

He was arrested last week and charged with fraud.

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