Free Spanish lessons and training courses for refugees as Ukrainian population doubles in one city on Spain’s Costa Blanca

FURTHER help is being offered to refugees after fleeing war-torn Ukraine.

Training courses have been launched by the network of Tourism Centres (CdT) with the aim of helping them find roles in the hospitality sector. 

Nearly 60 people have already applied in Torrevieja alone, where refugees will learn the skills associated with catering, handling food and waiting in bars and restaurants.

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HELPING: Mayor Dolon meets with council colleagues to help refugees

The city mayor, Eduardo Dolón, reported that over 3,500 citizens have officially registered with the Association of Ukrainians of Torrevieja since the Russian invasion almost eight weeks ago.

This more than doubles the population of Ukrainians officially residing in Torrevieja.

He also mentioned that the Department of International Residents is teaching Spanish to Ukrainian citizens at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre with the help of teachers from the Association of Volunteers with Social Initiative in Torrevieja ( ATIS) and bilingual Ukrainian volunteers already living in the area.

Dolón said: “These courses allow them to integrate into Torrevieja society and learn our language to facilitate their full integration into the city.”

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