Gang drugged girls and sexually assaulted them in Spain’s Valencia

TWO men have been arrested and a third is being sought for drugging and sexually assaulting girls at a Gandia house in Valencia Province.

The mother of one of the victims pretended to be a child to contact the gang which helped to provide their location to the Guardia Civil.

Operation Alike was launched last June after a report was received that two children had disappeared.

They stayed for a week in Gandia in a property occupied by the men.

They were given psychotropic substances with several men visiting the house to sexually abuse them.

Vulnerable children were recruited by the gang with the promise of providing them shelter.

The work of a mother to identify where the children were held allowed the Guardia Civil to raid the property and take the youngsters to Gandia Hospital.

The abusers, of undisclosed nationalities, were nowhere to be found until two men- aged 37 and 50- were located and arrested in late October

Details of the operation have been kept under wraps until January, with the Guardia saying they are also after a 20-year-old man.

Also being investigated is a 43-year-old inmate at Picassent prison.


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