German tourist ‘reborn’, as he recovers from severe cuts caused by a 3-metre fall into a glass panel in Spain’s Mallorca

A GERMAN holidaymaker has miraculously survived from a horrendous 3-metre fall into a glass panel at a villa he had rented in Playas del Muro, in Mallorca. 

The 35-year-old is said to have jumped to the skylight of the house, which was covered by artificial grass, which may have prevented him from seeing the glass. 

The tourist went through the glass panel, ending up with two horrific and deep cuts and a number of wounds over his body. 

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Doctors say it is like the tourist has been reborn while Guardia Civil confirm it was an accident Photo: Cordon Press.

He presented a 60cm cut on his back and a 40cm cut on his abdomen that led him to lose a lot of blood. 

When the emergency services arrived, the villa was covered in blood, with doctors having to stabilise the man before taking him to hospital. 

Doctors have said that it is like the tourist has been reborn as his injuries were very severe. 

Guardia Civil agents also arrived at the bloody scene to investigate the incident. 

“I must say there was not much to investigate. It was an accident,” a Guardia Civil spokesman confirmed to the Olive Press. 

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