Giant Hell’s Angel boss, 38, is finally extradited from Spain: ‘Special operation’ was required to fly drug trafficker from Ibiza to Germany after failed first attempt

IBIZA authorities have finally got rid of a Hell’s Angel leader who was wanted in his native Germany on drugs trafficking charges after hiding out on the island for a year.

Extra security staff were deployed on Wednesday as the two-metre tall 38-year-old was taken from Cas Mut prison to the airport where a specially chartered aircraft was waiting for him to take him back to his homeland.

The CSIF trade union said his transfer required a ‘special operation’ with prison officers and state security forces working together after ‘moments of tension and hard work’.

A previous attempt to get him back to Germany failed on October 9 when the not-so gentle giant was involved in a violent altercation on a plane.

Despite being accompanied by German police officers, the aircraft’s captain ordered his removal after a ‘series of incidents’.

The man was wanted by the German justice system for allegedly being involved in drug trafficking operations, especially cocaine, methamphetamine and hashish, that could earn him a prison term of up to 15 years.

He was detained at an exclusive restaurant in Ibiza’s port area on September 6 when the Guardia Civil executed a European Arrest Warrant.

Despite his recent behaviour, he did not resist the arrest but a Guardia spokesperson at the time described the man as ‘dangerous’.


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