Gibraltar zones divided into constituencies for ministers of new GSLP/Liberal government to oversee

MINISTERS in the new GSLP/Liberal government will home in on the needs of certain ‘constituencies’ in Gibraltar as well as looking after the different portfolios.

The new system of zonal management for each minister along with the usual government departments is a lesson learned from the last elections, Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia said.

It means the Chief Minister will now take on the portfolio for financial stability along with all his other responsibilities.

He will also be responsible for Moorish Castle Estate, Calpe and Upper Town areas.

The Deputy Chief Minister will keep his old roles and will be the constituency MP for the Lower Town areas.

Gemma Arias-Vasquez will become Minister for Health, Care and Business and look after the Westside Area.

Nigel Feetham will be the Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry and look out for Glacis Estate, Laguna Estate, Ocean Village and Bayside.

Christian Santos will become the Minister for Equality, Employment, Culture and Tourism.

His constituency will be Varyl Begg Estate, Sir William Jackson Grove and Mid-Harbour Estate.

Professor John Cortes will be the Minister for Education, the Environment, and Climate Change and take care of Alameda Estate and the South District.

Pat Orfila will become the Minister for Housing and will be the constituency MP for Bayview, Cumberland, Nelson’s View, Rosia Dale and Europa Point.

Leslie Bruzon will be the Minister for Industrial Relations, Civil Contingencies and Sport. His constituency will be the Eastside and Catalan Bay.

Sir Joe Bossano will be the Minister for Inward Investment and the Savings Bank, and will be the constituency MP for all senior citizens.

Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia said: “We are implementing a strategy by which we address the issues and concerns of the people of Gibraltar.

“The allocation of each Minister to a designated constituency is a part of that strategy as we move forward with distributing our manifesto commitments as our programme for government.”

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo added: “With humility and hardwork ministers will work with their departments to start to deliver the manifesto which now forms the policy of His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar.

“It is now our commitment to deliver for you over these next four years.”


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