Golf ace Jon Rahm follows hero Ballesteros in winning special award from Spain’s Biscay region

GOLF star Jon Rahm was presented with the Bizkaitar Argia-Ilustre de Bizkaia medal on Thursday which is given to individual people or groups who promote the Biscay area and its values.

He follows in the footsteps of his idol, Seve Ballesteros, to become a second golfer to win the prestigious Biscay honour.

Rahm is currently second in the world rankings.

Though the award was first handed out in 1990, it is far from being an annual occasion.

The last time it was presented was six years ago to two local radio stations, including Radio Euskadi that was celebrating 70 years of broadcasting.

Bizkaia Provincial Council deputy general, Unai Rementeria, gave Rahm the special medal.

He said: “This is a man with deep roots in his land and who grows all over the world, but is firmly welded to Bizkaia.”

Jon Rahm said: “There are awards that touch the heart more than others, and this is one of them- and especially to be the first to get one in six years.”

“I find it hard to believe that it is me, because I still think of myself as the same kid from Barrika who took a golf club and has arrived where he is,” Rahm reflected.


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