Hooded man bursts bursts into nightclub in Spain’s Andalucia and shoots victim in the foot

A HOODED armed man burst into a nightclub in Spain’s Andalucia and opened fire on one of the customers on Wednesday night, police confirmed.

The attack occurred at the Sala Templo nightclub on the A-7 motorway in the municipal area of Estepona at 3.50am.

Witnesses said the attacker shot his victim in the foot before making his getaway from the industrial estate the club is located in a vehicle.

National Police officers were quickly on the scene and are now investigating the violent shooting.

Medical services confirmed the man had been injured by a firearm after receiving a shot to his left ankle.

An ambulance drove him to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella for emergency treatment.

Police officers are now trying to identify the person responsible for the shooting and his motive for the attack.

It follows last year’s shooting of four people at Marbella nightclub Opium that saw party-goers fleeing to safety after a quarrel.

The perpetrator was being stabbed when he started firing during the mid-July 2022 incident, according to police reports.

Police detained the seriously injured shooter and an accomplice immediately after the incident.

One of the victims of the incident was a 32-year-old Irishman who was taken into intensive care.


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