Infamous traffic black spot on Spain’s Costa Blanca inches forward to getting a major overhaul

A LONG-STANDING pledge to turn the N-332 into a dual carriageway as it passes through Torrevieja appears to be moving one step closer to reality.

The government announced in 2018 that the road would be improved subject to an environmental impact study, but nothing has happened since then as accidents- some fatal- continued to pile up.

Torrevieja council has now received a notification that an impact study involving public consultation will be conducted.

But the national government is only looking to expand half of the eight kilometre section- between Torrevieja Hospital and the CV-905 junction by the Ozone Leisure Centre leading to the city’s shopping areas.

The road carries an average of up to 40,000 vehicles a day with long queues forming at peak times, especially during the summer.

Since 2014, continuous white lines have been painted between the two single carriageways to stop overtaking.

Speed cameras have been erected on two sections and there are warning lights to warn motorists during peak periods of congestion.

Torrevieja mayor, Eduardo Dolon, has called on ‘administrative procedures to be accelerated so that the central government can tender the improvement project as soon as possible’.

The environment impact study report nevertheless could take some time as the N-332 passes through protected lagoons and salt flats.

It means that approval might be required from various bodies including the Coastal Authority(Costas) as some of the land that could be used is classified as maritime land under public domain.

Another hitch is that any dual carriageway expansion has not been included in the current General State Budget, with Dolon wanting it submitted within new budgets which are being prepared in Madrid.

The mayor has also demanded a meeting with the Ministry of Public Works to get reassurance that the much-vaunted improvements will happen.

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