Island escape: Poles are snapping up homes in Mallorca to escape unstable Eastern Europe

LARGE numbers of Polish people are buying properties in the Balearic Islands to escape the instability of Eastern Europe.

They are moving, in particular, to avoid the escalating conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

According to the Balearic Real Estate association (ABINI) they fear the conflict could spread from Ukraine into other parts of Eastern Europe.

“They choose to move here because of the good weather, the education system and the Spanish health care,” said president Hans Lenz. 

They are also attracted to Mallorca’s good communications with the rest of Europe.

Mallorca has the most expensive area of Spain to rent a property
Mallorca is ever more popular with Easter Europeans. Cordon Press image

Despite the increasing number of Poles moving here, there are not yet any concrete statistics.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Germans are still by far the most important group of buyers on the islands.

According to official data for 2021, 48.5% of the houses sold were to Germans in 2021.

Brits are still the second nationality by numbers, buying 20.2% of homes on the islands, followed by the French and Swedes.

Americans are also growing in numbers on the islands.

Nationally, 200,000 Ukrainians are living in Spain, two times more than in February, but only 14% of them have a job.

The Spanish Minister of employment claimed that the main reason why Ukrainians struggle to get a job is because of the language barrier.


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