Judges endorse COVID-19 passports for all bars and restaurants in Costa Blanca area of Spain

THE Valencian Superior Court(TSJ) has approved a new list of indoor areas where a COVID passport will have to be used.

The TSJ backed the regional government submission and the expanded list will operate across the Valencian Community until at least January 31.

The measure will start at midnight on the day after the approved restriction is published in the region’s Official Gazette, which is expected to be this Thursday.

The extension comes in tandem with a national decree to be passed tomorrow which will mandate the use of a mask in all outdoor spaces.

The amended Valencia rule extends the use of an EU COVID certificate to all indoor hospitality, regardless of capacity.

Current restrictions don’t apply to venues with a capacity of under 50 people.

The extension now also takes in party venues, gyms, cinemas, theatres, and sports facilities where food and drinks are consumed.

The passport also has to be presented to visit hospital patients and care home residents.

The TSJ said the extension was justified by the way the pandemic was evolving.

The court ruled that the expansion to new establishments and spaces is ‘suitable, necessary and balanced, in that bringing more benefit as opposed to damage’.

3,747 new COVID cases were declared this Wednesday in the Valencian Community with nine additional deaths.

768 people are hospitalised with 145 in intensive care.

Exactly a year ago, there were 1,300 fewer coronavirus cases but 25 more deaths.

Hospitalisation and ICU totals were also higher.


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