Knife-wielding tyre slasher suspect arrested in Spain’s Malaga for puncturing 22 vehicles

POLICE arrested a man who allegedly punctured the wheels of at least 22 vehicles during a crazed morning slashing spree in the city of Malaga.

Emergency services were placed on alert after witnesses saw the man puncturing tyres with a knife on Avenida Europa.

They all described the same man of 31-years-old dressed in an orange polo shirt and black trousers at around 9am on August 25.

One of the witnesses even tried to run after the man.

But the suspect then warned the witness that he was carrying a knife and the brave wannabe hero gave up the chase.

Local police agents immediately started to comb the area and put together evidence of the indiscriminate attack on private property.

They found that the suspect had punctured just one wheel of about 15 vehicles, but others had as many as all four wheels destroyed.

After a brief search the local police found the man, by now bare-chested.

As soon as he saw they were onto him he tried to escape by hiding inside a neighbourhood association club.

But police officers followed him in, identified and arrested him.

Authorities believe he could be responsible for similar crimes that have occurred in the area.

Despite an extensive search, the knife he used to puncture the tires was not found.


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