La Viñuela reservoir in Spain’s Axarquia is approaching worrisome historic lows

THE Viñuela reservoir is at 13% of its capacity and experts are concerned.

Drought and La Viñuela reservoir are terms that have gone hand in hand for many summers. In fact, in September 2008 all the alarm bells went off when the reservoir’s levels reserves fell to 11.3% of its capacity and was on the verge of being declared a dead pool.

Fourteen years have passed and the levels of the Axarquia reservoir are in a similar, critical situation, with the reservoir’s levels at a mere 13%.

According to data published yesterday, July 27, by the Hidrosur Network, the reservoir currently has 21.42 hectometres per cubic metre, half the amount recorded at the same time last year, when the water levels stood at 45.41 hectometres per cubic metre. A year that was also considered a ‘dry’ year.

Despite the dramatic loss in water levels, La Viñuela reservoir remains the largest reservoir in the province and its surface area provides a total capacity of 164.37 hectometres per cubic metre.

Consequently, and as stated by the vice-president of the Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol-Axarquía, Juan Peñas Toledo, ‘the water supply for the population is assured for the summer.’


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