Last supermoon of the year; best time to view it in Spain’s Malaga

THIS coming full moon will be the fourth supermoon in a row, and the last one of 2022.

The final supermoon of the year will cut a dash in the sky this Thursday, August 11, although the moon will appear bright and full as of today, Wednesday.

Nicknamed the ‘Sturgeon Moon,’ August’s full moon will be visible tomorrow night at sunset, at around 9:36 pm, although it will still shine bright until Saturday 13.

In Malaga, it will be observed at its best at 2.36am on Friday, August 12, when it will reach its maximum brightness.

According to NASA, it can be seen from anywhere in the world without the need for binoculars or telescopes, but, as with all astronomical phenomena, it will be best observed in a location with little light pollution, such as the following key spots in Malaga: El Cochino viewpoint; Serrato Malaga; Pocopan viewpoint; Maro Cliffs and Casasola Reservoir.

Supermoons are relatively rare, happening three to four times a year and always consecutively and can appear larger and up to 17% bigger and 30% brighter than the faintest moon of the year, when it’s farthest from Earth in its orbit.

The next full moon will peak on Saturday, September 10. That moon is typically called the Harvest Moon.


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