LEAVE THE CAR AT HOME: Anti drink drive campaign in Spain targets Christmas parties

WITH the double bank holiday week upon us, the DGT traffic department has launched an anti-drink driving campaign.

The ‘puente’ week is popular amongst businesses in which to hold boozy Christmas parties. But The DGT is warning people to leave their cars at home, stressing that there will be plenty of police checkpoints until Sunday night (December 11).

During the 2021 campaign, 27,238 drivers were checked,with 781 testing positive for alcohol and/or drugs. Of these, around 80% were detected at police checkpoints.

Breathalyser tests are always stepped up over Christmas
Breathalyser tests are always stepped up over Christmas

Regarding alcohol, 2021’s campaign, say 26,284 people breathalysed with 1.48% (388 drivers) positive. 

Of the 954 drug detection tests carried out on drivers, 393 were positive, or 41.19% of the total.

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