Malaga’s iconic Christmas lights are already being prepared: This is when they will be switched on

MALAGA will switch on its famous Christmas lights with a celebration and brand new light show.

The Cordoban company in charge of the spectacle is already preparing for the big day, which traditionally falls on the last Friday of the month, November 24. 

Malaga's Calle Larios Christmas Lights
Calle Larios is famous all over Spain for its Christmas Lights. Photo: Malagaturismo/Instagram

Preparations have started well in advance to account for changes and possible delays to the decorations. 

Although the famous Calle Larios will remain the same, the Councillor for Festivals, Teresa Porras, has confirmed there will be new lights throughout the city and surrounding neighbourhoods. 

The changes will include a light show in the Botanical Gardens which is expected to run from December 1 to January 7 from 6:30pm to 11:00pm. The show will include projections, installations and light shows set to music. 

Although there is a light show in the gardens every year, a new company, Contrarider is taking over this festive season.

Couple share Christmas kiss in Malaga's Botanical Garden
The light show in the Botanical Gardens is changing hands this year. Photo: Lucesdemalaga/Instagram

Last year, the lights had to be switched on a day late due to a protest that was coming through the city. 

But the festivities still brought an estimated €35 million to Malaga and with this year’s added festivities, the numbers are set to rise.


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