Man dies after being stung by wasp in Murcia area of Spain

A 51-year-old man died in Murcia City on Monday after a wasp stung him.

The man passed out shortly after 8.00 am on a street in the La Alberca district.

An ambulance and Murcia Policia Local rushed to the scene, but paramedics were unable to revive him after 37 minutes of treatment.

On August 15, a 45-year-old collapsed at a Murcia shopping centre when she was stung by a wasp.

She collapsed and started to convulse but she recovered subsequently in hospital.

Serious allergic reactions to wasp and bee stings have increased by around 20% over the last decade.

Most of the cases happen in summer when the insects are more active and more outdoor activities are carried out.

Around a hundred people in the Murcia region, according to 2021 figures, are getting specialist immunotherapy treatment due to potentially fatal reactions they could get if stung.

In May, in Alicante Province, a British woman, 67, died after being stung by a wasp at a Teulada-Moraira restaurant.


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