Man who threatened to blow up Spanish PP party headquarters in Palma sentenced

A man who threatened to blow up the conservative Partido Popular political party headquarters in Palma has been sentenced.
The 23-year-old pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the false bomb scare and must pay a fine of €1,080, plus €2,000 fine to the PP, and compensation for the deployment of security forces.
On May 23 last year about 4.30pm the man phoned 012, the citizen service line, warning there was a bomb at the PP headquarters in Palma.
In the seven minute conversation with the operator the man said the conservative party had ‘stolen a lot of money’ and that he was going to plant the bomb ‘so they don’t steal more’, the court heard.

policia nacional palma
Policia Nacional immediately evacuated the area.

The threat caused a ‘large mobilisation’ of the National Police, with agents rushing to the site at Palau Reial street and evacuating the area.
Agents from the Information Brigade, technicians specialising in the deactivation of explosives, as well as canine units also scrambled to the scene.
Police inspected the property and verified that there was no explosive device.
The judge took into account when sentencing the man that he suffered from a psychiatric disorder.
He had no criminal record leading up to his arrest on June 1 last year.


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